Peace, Justice and Environment Project

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Peace, Justice & Environment Project is, according to its website [1], a "web application to facilitate online communication and cooperation. The first group to use the software was the Illinois Coalition for Justice, Peace and the Environment [2] which went live on April 1, 2006. ... Currently, the software is used by 20 networks and 2 statewide coalitions with more in development. The website application offers an online petition center, actions center, forums, calendars, resource center and more. A sophisticated communications center offers all members email access to every organization within the system with automatic notification occurring when organizations toggle support or participation for each other's actions. [3] . ... In May 2007 we made the web/email application behind these networks open source. ... Who are we? We are 14 volunteers working on this project (so far), helping local organization use the programming as each site goes up. Many of us are from the Illinois Coalition for Peace, Justice & Environment. Several of us have come on board over the last year as websites have gone up in our states and we’ve seen the potential of the project."

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