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Pelao Cavallo

"I am “Pelao” Carvallo, Ni Casci Ni Uniforme de Chile. My official name is Sergio Adinson Pinto-Nuñez, but I hardly use it any more. A lifelong antimilitarist, I was - at the end of the Pinochet dictatorship - a revolutionary leader at my secondary school. Together with other libertarians, we reintroduced antimilitarism in Chile through organisations, groups and actions. So since 1989 we took part in the Group of Cultural Initiative, Action Direct, CoLiCo, Intoxicacion, as well as in the first alliance against compulsory military service - COSMO (early '90s). In 1997 through the Antimilitarist Aseembly, I met up with a group of youths (among them Javier Garate) and we formed Ni Casco Ni Uniforme, where I continue working today. At the Latin American level, I was spokesperson for the Southern Cone and promote of CLAOC (ex-ROLC - the coordination on CO in the Caribbean and Latin America).

"Within WRI I plan to contribute to improving our management (and self-management), bringing Council closer to the sections and vice versa, significantly strengthening the presence of WRI in Latin America, cooperating in the Colombia Working Group (I have supported CO groups there) and programmes that touch my experience in Ni Casco Ni Uniforme (war profiteers, the right to refuse to kill, nonviolence training). To re-invent the WRI on the basis of participation and strengthening of sections and networks. And I have much more to say!" [1]

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