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Biographical Information

"Going through some workplace bullying around her 40ies she started to read books about bullying and she made her way through this challenge. Having daily headaches since her 20ies Petra started getting more and more interested in meditation, coaching and psychological consultations. Then when her dad died a couple of years ago it was the total reversal point and she started studying ‘Life Coaching’, 3in1concepts (Kinesiology), Soul Light Energy Healing (Reiki) and found her connection to the crystals fulfilled in learning the Crystal Balance Massage.

"Through using a ‘Dowsing – One Hand Rod’ in the massage training she came in contact with the teachings and findings of Erich Koerbler (New Homeopathy). In becoming a meditation teacher she also stepped out of her old role, took on more responsibility for herself by addressing more issues from her past and making necessary changes in her life. Going deeper and deeper within brings her inner peace and serenity. Her connection with ‘Source’ and her ‘Trust in Life’ has become strong and she enjoys life, being passionated of educating and empowering others in self development, spirituality and healing modalities. Using these techniques as a qualified practitioner as well, it’s been her personal mission since to find simple and effective ways to help people harness their personal energy and change their lives. She feels extremely blessed to do what she loves, and she loves what she does." [1]

Professional "Qualifications"

  • Professional Meditation Teacher - Diploma, accredited by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (I.I.C.T.)
  • Certified Crystal Light Healing ™ Practitioner
  • Crystal Balance Massage – Diploma with Monika Grundmann – book author and holistic cosmetic teacher – effective healing method for professional relaxation and health
  • Reflexology – a reflexology-massage with crystal styluses/wands for wellbeing and healing as taught by Ewald Kliegel – a contemporary German homeopathic practitioner and book author
  • Reiki Master – as taught by Reiki Master Claudia Beer at her own Institute for Body, Mind & Soul in Germany
  • Kinesiology – Stress Relief through body balancing and muscle testing, at INSTITUT AS , Augsburg , Germany
  • Life and Personal Coaching – Certificate and Diploma - 2 year study completed at SGD Darmstadt, Germany in 2007
  • The Wish™ - accredited facilitator – a new energy game that connects you with your deepest wishes
  • Sensitive Resonance Therapy – Informational Medicine according to Erich Koerbler (life energy scientist) as taught by Roswitha Stark, homeopath and book author
  • Certified Animal Dreaming Practitioner – Sea World Resort 2009, Scott Alexander King
  • RESET 1 – Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular joint, Balance the Jaw Balance the Body

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  1. Soul Light Institute of Massage & Holistic Healing About, organizational web page, accessed May 11, 2012.