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Philip Johnson "is President of Pinnacle Reefs Limited. Pinnacle Reefs provides energy consulting services to North American oil, natural gas, pipeline and transport companies as well as to government. The company specializes in new projects, strategic studies, energy purchasing, acquisitions and public policy involvement. Prior to Pinnacle Reefs, Mr. Johnson worked with Imperial Oil and ExxonMobil in numerous managerial and coordination capacities in Canada and the United States from 1972-1988. He was Imperial Oil's Commercial Vice President managing its wholesale petroleum product sales, petroleum product pipelines and crude oil acquisitions from 1986-1988. Mr. Johnson holds an M.A. International Relations from Carleton University and a B.A. from McGill University. As well as being a director of several private sector corporations he has served as a Member of the Board of CJCF Charitable Fund from 1973 until present, serving as Chairman for five years.“ [1]

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