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Dr Phillip Bratby is a climate skeptic. He describes himself as having a doctorate in physics from Sheffield University, and is a semi-retired energy consultant [1]

He made a written submission to Parliament during the inquiry into climategate and bizarrely claimed "I have no financial interest in the climate change debate." despite being an energy consultant.

He is an advisor to the Campaign to Repeal the Climate Change Act ( )[2]


  • "Man-made global warming does not exist."[3]
  • "A generation of students may have been corrupted and their work may be unreliable."
  • "I am still waiting for the scientific evidence that shows the existence of AGW. Evidence is what is on the side of us climate denialist scum."[4]
  • "I do not deny, but accept climate change, because it has always happened and always will."[5]
  • "I have looked at the theories and the evidence and I see global cooling, with CO2 having negligible impact on the climate."[6]
  • "There is no such thing as legitimate and illegitimate use of data."[7]

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