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"What happens if corporations [including the media], in order to achieve their agenda of profit and dominance, take on the cultural agenda of the far right in order to please Republicans [the ruling party]?" [1]

"Off-the-record comments indicate Viacom didn't want to jeopardize relations with state and federal lawmakers, from whom Viacom constantly seeks favors; so, contrary to the notion of corporate-run politics, the Republicans now have a major corporation running scared." [ibid]

The Banana Republicans introduced the word 'hate' into the national political dialog, claiming falsely that opposition to regime policies is motivated by personal hatred rather than by sound reason. Brendan Nyhan has dismantled some examples at his 'Spinsanity' site.

Of course, the irrational hatred exuded by the political right has been long evident in the venom and craze of its media mouths and pens.

Then again, it is totally characteristic of the GWBush term of office that his political party is so bloated with hypocrisy that it routinely inaccurately accuses others of doing what it does (while denying it does the same), and labels its bills and strategies in a way which conveys the opposite of their mission. They have created for themselves a fantasy wherein everything is labelled the opposite of reality, starting with "compassionate conservative."

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