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Political Compliance Services Inc. is a consulting company based in Fairfax, VA. On its website, it describes itself as "an accounting services vendor specializing in FEC regulations. Our comprehensive approach to your individual accounting needs will deliver you from the headaches and legal ramifications of FEC non-compliance." [1] (FEC is the acronym for the U.S. government agency the Federal Election Commission).

Its website says that it "serves the following political organizations" [2]:

  • "Candidate Committees"
  • "Separate Segregated Funds"
  • "Non-Connected PACs" (PAC is the acronym for Political Action Committee).
  • "Party Committees"

In May 2004, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth paid $7500 to Political Compliance Services for what is described on its IRS form 8872 as "Compliance Consulting" [3]. Despite this, in August 2004 three campaign finance watchdog groups filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission arguing that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were in breach of restrictions applying to 527 committees [4].

Known customers


On its website, Political Compliance Services boasts that: "Our consultants and analysts are career experts in campaign and PAC accounting, finance, administration and compliance." [11] However, it appears shy of disclosing who exactly those consultants are. No information is given on the site regarding who works for the company. Fortunately, its entry in the WHOIS database is more informative. It lists Susan Arceneaux as the administrative contact for the company [12]:

Admin Name........... Susan Arceneaux
Admin Address........ 10597 John Ayres Dr.
Admin Address........
Admin Address........ Fairfax
Admin Address........ 22032
Admin Address........ VA
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email.......... sarceneaux AT politicalcompliance.com
(final line modified to discourage spam)

Susan Arceneaux is also the treasurer of The Majority Leader's Fund, a PAC affiliated with the former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas [13]. Interestingly, the Majority Leader's Fund has been a client of Political Compliance Services [14].

Arceneaux is also listed as the contact person for the recently-formed right-wing PAC FreedomWorks, on its IRS form 8872 for the first quarter of 2004 [15].

Finally, Arcenaux is listed as the custodian of records for PoliticalWar.com Inc. up to at least June 2003, on its IRS form 8872 [16].

Contact information

10597 John Ayres Drive, Suite A
Fairfax, VA 22032
Tel: (703) 250-0496
Fax: (703) 425-8352
Email: info AT politicalcompliance.com
Web: http://www.politicalcompliance.com

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