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World Nuclear News, a pro-nuclear website run by the World Nuclear Association, is upbeat about the draft "Danish text" climate change agreement. The text, which was secretly drafted by the governments of the U.K., the U.S., Denmark and Australia, provoked an uproar at the COP15 conference in Copenhagen. World Nuclear News notes that that "there are no technology exclusions in the Danish text, in contrast to previous agreements which have seen nuclear excluded from a group of favoured power sources." The draft text states that parties "commit to enable the accelerated large scale development, transfer and deployment of environmentally sound and climate friendly technologies". The nuclear industry has been lobbying to have nuclear projects included in the Clean Development Mechanism, a scheme which allows the funding of 'low carbon' projects in developing countries. The draft agreement would also the allow the experimental carbon capture and storage technology, which has been promoted by the coal industry, to be included in the Clean Development Mechanism.


The World Coal Institute, the power generation industry and some governments want experimental Carbon Capture and Storage projects included in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). While there are no commercial-scale CCS projects operating anywhere in the world, major coal-exporting and consuming countries in the industrialised world want CDM funding used to fund trial projects in less-developed countries. See Clean Development Mechanism and Carbon Capture and Storage and "The Coal Industry Wants Your Cash to Save Them".