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Poseidon Nickel "is based in Perth, Western Australia. Poseidon is a mineral exploration company which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and holds exploration interest in gold and nickel.

"Poseidon's main activities are towards the exploration and development of nickel mineralisation in Mt Windarra 260km NNE of Kalgoorlie. Windarra consists of two leases, and one main lease covering a total area of 70 square kilometres.

"Poseidon also has two exploration interests in gold mineralisation in Ghana, West Africa, both projects sitting in the Ashanti Gold Belt. The Dadwen project is situated on the Ghanaian coast and covers a total area of 42 square kilometres. The Tumentu project is situated directly north of Adamus Resources Limited Salman Gold Project." [1]


Accessed September 2009: [2]


Web: http://www.poseidon-nickel.com.au

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