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Priscilla Painton

"Priscilla Painton, who was most recently the deputy managing editor of Time, has been named editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster's flagship imprint, it was announced today [January 2008]. Simon & Schuster has been without an editor-in-chief since Michael Korda left a little over two years ago; during that time, editorial director Alice Mayhew was the highest ranking person at the imprint below publisher David Rosenthal." [1]

In 2002: "As Executive Editor of TIME, Priscilla Painton weighs in on a range of editorial decisions, and plays a key role in week-to-week editing of the magazine. She assumes regular responsibility for both the uprfront breaking-news section, "Notebook," and "Society," the section that produces penetrating, in-depth analytical pieces on a wide range of concerns." [2]

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