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Productividad Biosfera Medio Ambiente (PROBIOMA) is an NGO headquartered in Santa Cruz, Bolivia that produces and promotes biological forms of pest control, i.e. using beneficial organisms to control pests (like releasing ladybugs on a farm to eat aphids).


PROBIOMA is a private social development organization located in the department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. "With 21 years of experience in the areas of agroecology, sustainable use and management of biodiversity, biotechnology, advocacy, and public information."[1] They support small producers who grow crops for the national amrket, including soy, coffee, quinoa, peaches, grapes, citrus, vegetables, fruit, cacao, potatoes, and cupuaçu. They also support specific communities in protected areas of high importance to the country for rich biodiversity, such as the Amboró National Park, AMNI San Matías, Chiquitanía, and the Pantanal.

PROBIOMA's mission is "To contribute to national development from biodiversity research and technological innovation and the promotion of local administration, sovereignty, and sustainability of natural resources."[1]

Their vision is "The quality and credibility of our work as leaders in the region in biodiversity research and technological innovation, and our commitment to social and sustainable development that we make relating to sovereign and sustainable management of natural resources."[1]

Action areas include: Biotechnology, biodiversity, agroecology, political advocacy, providing public information, and the Institute of Biodiversity and Biotechnology (Instituto de Biodiversidad y Biotecnología INBIOTEC).[1]

When PROBIOMA references biotechnology, it does not refer to genetically modified organisms. Rather, it refers to its biological products, like the fungus Trichoderma which is used for managing and improving soil.[2]


PROBIOMA is affiliated with:[1]

  • Alianza del Sistema Paraguay - Paraná - Pantanal
  • REDE Pantanal
  • Alianza Internacional de Pequeños Productores de Soya y de Agricultura Familiar
  • Red DRYNET
  • Foro Ecológico y Social de Santa Cruz - Bolivia
  • ALOP Asociación Latinoamericana de Organizaciones de Promoción

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