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According to the Yahoo! egroup on Prometheism, Prometheism is defined as "a world-view and religion rooted in the post-human and self-transforming philosophy of creative conscious evolution."

The egroup information continues: "Prometheism was founded by a group of futurists for the purpose of uniting, and bringing together the most intelligent, imaginitive and creative people in the world, to create and fullfill a new self-defined purpose and destiny. In consciousness and in unifying science and spirituality, we self-reflect the universe made self aware, consciously determining its own creative conscious cosmic evolution. We are no longer spectators, but now participants in the grand plan of cosmic evolution. We are dedicated to the idea of total and unlimited self-transformation, self-discovery (to know thyself). We are dedicated to a transformation of ever increasing Consciousness, Creativity and Intelligence."

The Prometheism egroup forum "is for people interested in posting news and information about anything related to creative conscious evolution. We completely reject egalitarianism, political correctness and the current dysgenic orthodoxy of left-liberal and right-leaning ideologists, along with their fellow travellers and apologists. There is no taboo or censorship in this forum and we welcome people of every racial, political and religious ideology. We embrace freedom, liberty and the First Amendment."

Topics for discussion at the Prometheism egroup include: "Human genetic engineering, human cloning, transhuman technologies, futurism, cryonics, unlimited self-transformation, conscious evolution, space flight, space stations, moon and planetary bases/biospheres, terraforming, galactic colonization, nanotechnology, transhumanism and anything related."

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