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"Publish What You Pay (PWYP) is the only global movement working to ensure that revenues from oil, gas and mining help improve people’s lives. With more than 1000 member organisations and 51 national coalitions, we campaign for an open and accountable extractive sector" [1]

Founded in 2002. "Pressure brought to bear by PWYP on the UK Government and extractive companies culminated in the establishment of the EITI in 2003. PWYP succeeded in enshrining civil society participation as a core component of EITI". "The individuals based in London who played the most active role in setting up PWYP as a formal coalition during this period were Katherine Astill (CAFOD), Gavin Hayman (Global Witness), David Murray (Transparency International UK), Fiona Napier 10 (Save the Children UK), Mabel van Oranje (Open Society Institute), Simon Taylor (Global Witness) and Sophia Tickell (Oxfam GB)." "PWYP was publicly launched at a press conference hosted by George Soros, Chairman of the Open Society Institute, in London on 13 June 2002." [1]

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