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Rafael Rangel "is the rector of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey-ITESM, one of Mexico's and Latin America's leading universities. Under Rangel's leadership, the institute has thrived, now encompassing 30 campuses throughout Mexico and over 1000 "virtual" campuses in most of the rest of Latin America. LASPAU and ITESM have a long-term relationship that has recently lengthened through a partnership to expand exchanges through the hosting of a Tec representative at LASPAU and through a joint venture in graduate testing.

"One of President Fox's close advisors, Rangel was president of the National Council for Adult Learning set up by President Fox. Rangel is on the board of IBM Latin America, the World Bank Institute, CEMEX, and other large corporations.

"He obtained a doctorate in engineering from the University of Wisconsin.“ [1]

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