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Randall Forsberg

"Forsberg is Director of the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies in Cambridge, MA. She is a leading analyst and proponent of non-offensive defense, nuclear and conventional arms reduction, and co-operative security." [1]

"Dr. Randall Caroline Forsberg is the Executive Director of the Institute for Defense & Disarmament Studies (IDDS), a think tank she founded in 1980 for research and education on ways to reduce the risk of war, minimize the burden of military spending, and promote democratic institutions. Dr Forsberg worked at SIPRI, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, starting in 1968, and was a regular contributor to the SIPRI Yearbook of World Armaments and Disarmament, writing on US and Soviet nuclear weapons, until 1979. At IDDS, Forsberg publishes the Arms Control Reporter, a monthly reference journal, and she is the series editor of the annually updated IDDS Database of World Arms Holdings, Production, and Trade. Dr Forsberg has authored or edited many books, including: Resources Devoted to Military Research and Development: An International Comparison (SIPRI: 1972), The Price of Defense (NYTimes: 1979), Peace Resource Book (Lexiston Books: 1985), Cutting Conventional Forces (1DDS: 989), The Arms Production Dilemma: Contraction and Restraint in the World Combat Aircraft Industry (MIT Press: 1994), Nonproliferation Primer (MIT Press: 1995), Abolishing War: Culture and Institutions (with Elise Boulding, brc21.org: 1998). She has contributed to Scientific American, International Security, Technology Review, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, World Policy Journal, and other journals. . In 1989 Forsberg briefed President Bush and his foreign policy and security Cabinet officials on US-Soviet arms control issues. In 1995 she was appointed by President Clinton to the Advisory Committee of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency." [2]

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