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"Raven Sinclaire is an author, educator, motivational speaker, and pilgrimage tour leader, and brings decades of experience in formal spiritual training methods, specializing in ancient esoteric aspects of Templar heritage, including Hermetic wisdom teachings of Holy Grail spiritual alchemy. She is completing a Master of Letters (M.Litt.) research degree in Celtic Medieval History from University of Dundee in Scotland (2018).

"She was a Tour Leader and Marketing Manager for Sacred Mystical Tours (1999-2007), providing educational and pilgrimage tours of Celtic and Templar heritage sites of Scotland and Ireland, and continued as freelance Tour Leader for Templar tours in Scotland (2007-2011).

"She is founder of the “Herstory Asheville” tour in North Carolina (since 2007), featuring local history and accomplishments of women in traditional American society, based on her months of research and over 100 interviews, earning the Women of Influence award from the Young Women’s Center of America (YWCA) (2010).

"She was a contributing author and columnist for more than 10 newspapers and magazines (1987-2012). She created the personal training courses “Living Intuitively” (2011), “Living More Intuitively” (2012), “Loving Intuitively” (2012), and “Introduction to Hermetics and Initiations of the Alchemist” (2017). Together with a neuro-psychiatrist, she co-created the educational course “Train Your Brain – Transform Your Life” (2017), combining ancient wisdom with modern science. She is a co-author of the popular anthology book “Ready, Set, Live! Empowering Strategies for an Enlightened Life” (2015) published with many best-selling authors.

"She was Faculty Educator for the Avalon Center for Druidic Studies (2003- 2005), is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners (since 2010), and is widely recognized as a Master of Ceremonies for initiatory rites of passage.

"Raven was ordained (2010) as Priestess, and consecrated (2011) as High Priestess (Bishop), in the canonical lineage of initiatory succession from Saint Mary Magdalene, restored from Egypt by Nicole Christine, receiving Holy Orders through Anyaa McAndrew. She was trained as Facilitator of Magdalene Priestess Circles (2009-2012), and teaches the traditional “Multi-Dimensional Priestess Path” and “Magdalene Mysteries” initiatory programs.

"She founded the Temple of Ascension (2015), a spiritual community of leaders including scholars, scientists, visionaries and healers."

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