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Red Sea, LLC was co-founded in 2001 by Jonathan M. Baron, a former Communications Director for former House Majority Whip Thomas D. DeLay (R-Texas), and Jon Lerner. [1][2][3]

Red Sea offers "advertising, polling, and strategic communications." Red Sea's polling subsidiary is Basswood Research.


  • "Former DeLay Director of Communications Jonathan Baron's Red Sea LLC handles polling and media relations for ARMPAC, Republican candidates, and the Club for Growth." [4]
  • "DeLay's PAC donated $50,000 to the Club for Growth in the last election." Club for Growth "funnelled $3,285,742 dollars in advertising spending through Red Sea LLC, a business owned by one of his former aides." --Sisyphus Shrugged, August 23, 2004.


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Red Sea, LLC
1111 19th Street, NW
Suite 211
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 822 1900 Phone
(202) 822 3750 Fax

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