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Rene Cederlof and his university superior Lars T Friberg conducted a twin study at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. They looked at identical twins, and discovered that there was no difference in the lung cancer rates between the twins who smoked and those who did not.

This study was dubious at the best, but it attracted a lot of media attention, and Andrew Whist of Philip Morris Australia paid for them both to fly Down Under and then took them on a conducted media tour around the states to say that smoking made no difference to the cancer rates. Friberg was more circumspect about making such claims, but Cederlof was more valuable to the industry and they continued to use him

Cederlof's expenses were paid by the Council for Tobacco Research (CTR) (the successor to the TIRC), not in the normal way -- which would have involved scrutiny by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) -- but through the tobacco industry's secret Special Account #4 which was handled by the Ad Hoc Committee of company lawyers. This was to ensure that the scientist/academic remained 'untainted' and could be used as a witness in court cases, or present himself at Congressional or local ordinance hearings as an authority who was 'independent' of tobacco industry influences.

Documents & Timeline

1971 Feb 28 The audit for the CTR's secret Special Account #4 (six months only) shows: Disbursements :-
Consultants' Fees and Expenses :-

Auditing ...................$ 225.00 ........... $17,257.29
Cash in Bank - Feb 28 1971 ........ $54,674.64
[Note: there was also a $500 reimbursement to the Canadian Tobacco Industry for a sum advanced to Dr Rene Cederlof [2]