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Responsible Resources is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group that was registered in 2007 with the Internal Revenue Service.[1]

On February 26, 2008, Alex Kaplun of Greenwire reported that former staffers of former Republican Representative Richard Pombo and ex-House Committee on Natural Resources aides Brian Kennedy, Lisa Wallace, Dan Kish and Rob Gordon had launched Responsible Resources with an ad campaign asserting that taxes on energy companies are a threat to affordable and reliable energy.[2]

The House had just passed a bill that would repeal a manufacturing tax credit to large, integrated oil companies and other credits targeted at the oil industry and redirect the money to continue tax credits for the development of renewable energy resources like wind and solar power, as well as energy efficiency, which were slated to end this year.[3]

Kennedy had most recently served as a spokesman to House Minority Leader John Boehner (Republican of Ohio). He would not disclose the group's budget, but said it would not take corporate donations. Kennedy described the group as "an educational resource principally for members of Congress and their aides with the ultimate goal of growing large enough to influence the debate beyond the Beltway." The group plans to publish a desk reference on energy resources in the United States, including how much energy is needed to power the country in the future and how much of that energy could come from the United States. [3]

Wallace is a former chief financial officer to the House Natural Resources Committee. Gordon, president of the new group, is the founder and president of the National Wilderness Institute, which has challenged the Endangered Species Act. Kish retired as a senior adviser to the committee after serving as the committee’s chief of staff in the 1990s.


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