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Richard Brinton, former Principal, Hawkwood College, Stroud.

"I trained as a Steiner School teacher, working at schools in Switzerland and Hertfordshire. We then moved to Stroud, my taking on the position of Principal at Hawkwood College which I held for 15 years, my wife resuming further teaching as our four kids grew up. We have both been keenly interested in the challenges and issues of childhood, families and parenting. In the last two years since leaving Hawkwood I have been involved in these areas in other ways, from writing to helping charities, and with our own kids flying the roost, increasingly looking at the broader challenges kids face in moving from adolescence to adulthood. I have attended the OPENhouse Service Users sub-committee, which gave me the opportunity to meet with users. I was inspired by the work of OPENhouse in this respect, and it is this which motivated me to join as member and trustee." [1]

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