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Richard Kamidza, "joined ACCORD as a Senior Researcher in July 2005. His main task is to carry out research of conflict transformations in Africa, focusing mainly on West Africa and North Africa. In this respect, he provides policy analysis, and proposals for strategic responses and interventions to conflict in the above sub-regions and beyond. Other responsibilities include: tracking the implementation of NEPAD; monitoring events and developments of regional economic communities in the above sub-regions; and supervising the implementation of the Transition Book project.

"Kamidza, a Zimbabwean citizen, holds a BSc (Honours) Economics (University of Zimbabwe) and an MA in Policy Studies (Fort Hare and University of Zimbabwe).

"Prior to joining ACCORD, Kamidza worked for regional organizations, namely: the Southern and Eastern African Trade, Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI), where, as the Programmes Coordinator, Senior Analyst and Research Fellow, he represented civil society voices at the on-going Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) of the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) configuration; the Southern Africa Political Economy Series (SAPES) Trust as a Data Analyst and Research Fellow; and HIVOS Foundation as a Grant Making Programme Officer responsible for Gender and Regional Organizations.

"Throughout his career, Kamidza has produced several research papers, policy briefs/articles and book chapters in addition to doing consultancy work for various organizations in Zimbabwe and beyond. He has also participated in, and presented papers at, various national, regional and international conferences, workshops and seminars. In this respect, his works focused on socio-economic and political challenges underpinning the sub-region and the African continent." [1]

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