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Dr. Richard Steckel, "President AddVenture Network, Denver, Colorado has an international reputation as a consultant and speaker on non-profit social enterprise and for-profit strategic corporate citizenship. Before founding AddVenture Network in 1984, he was Executive Director of the Denver Children's Museum, which became a national model of the earned income approach to fundraising.

"Dr. Steckel has also worked extensively with many corporations. Since 1984, Richard has developed earned income strategies and products and services for over 200 for-profit and nonprofit organizations throughout the USA as well as in Canada, the USA as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

"He is co-author of the best-selling book, Filthy Rich and Other Nonprofit Fantasies: Changing the Way Nonprofits Do Business in the 90's. In Search of America's Best Nonprofit Organizations was published in September 1997. Making Money While Making a Difference: How to Profit with a Nonprofit Partner was published in the Spring, 1999." [1]

"Dr. Steckel serves as a volunteer on the boards of the National Security Archive, Corporate Philanthropy Report, and NESsT (the Nonprofit and Self-sustainability Team). He was a director of E Source Corporation, a subsidiary of the Rocky Mountain Institute (which recently sold for $18,000,000). Also, Dr. Steckel is an associate with Sustainable Cities Trust (NZ)." [2]