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Rick N. Tumlinson

"Named one the top one hundred most influential people in the space field by Space News, Rick Tumlinson is the Co-Founder of the Space Frontier Foundation, which has been called “pound for pound the most effective space organization on Earth.” Rick has appeared on the front page of the New York Times, has been featured in two issues of Popular Science, and appeared as an expert guest on the "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather," CNBC’s "Open Exchange" and was quoted in papers such as the Washington Post, LA Times, and the Orlando Sentinel, regarding the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. He also appears often as a space commentator on CNN. He has been a consultant to the Heinlein Prize Organization and is leading an effort to get the United States to Return to the Moon and explore Mars. Rick is working on a book, The Case for the Moon, and is starting his own space firm, “XTreme Space.”" [1]


  • Rick N. Tumlinson and Erin Medlicott (Editors), Return to the Moon (Apogee Books Space Series).

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