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Ridge Global is a lobbying and "strategic consulting" firm headed by Tom Ridge, the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as its lobbyist. Ridge had headed DHS from January 2003 to February 2005. After leaving the post, he formed a Washington, DC consulting firm, Ridge Global. [1]

On its website, Ridge Global states that it "provides strategic consulting services that advance the security and economic interests of businesses and governments worldwide."[2] "We do not lobby. But I have relationships with lobbyists," Ridge said in one interview.[3]

It also states that it advises clients on "global trade security, special event security, risk assessment and contingency planning, crisis management and communications, civil institution building and country economic development, change management and technology innovation and integration."[4]


Ridge Global does not list its clients and in an interview Ridge declined to name them. However, David Silverberg reported that "his clients varies, but it tends toward technology producers. Some are looking for partners;others are seeking to raise their profiles, trying to draw attention to their capabilities. Some are not involved in security at all; Ridge mentions that he was approached regarding a pharmaceutical application. He sees particular challenges in supply chain security and critical infrastructure."[3]

However, he did mention that he had worked for the government of Albania. "That goes back to my old days as governor ... It’s fun trying to help a new country that’s emerging from the shadows of communism after the wall came down and helping them realize the potential built up over decades."[3]

In June 2008, Ridge filed a lobbying disclosure form on his work for the government of Albania -- nearly two years late. Ridge signed a $480,000, one-year contract with Albania in September 2006, to help the country "develop an overall homeland defense strategy based on land, air and sea security." The contract identified Ridge as the "lead on strategic advice" for the Albanian government. Ridge's firm, Ridge Global, no longer works for Albania. [5]

A spokesperson for the firm said Ridge didn't think he needed to disclose his Albania work. But the Justice Department, which maintains a database of lobbyists working with foreign entities, thought he did. The Department contacted Ridge's firm, "after a story about Ridge's work appeared in the press." According to a September 2006 Associated Press article, Ridge's "main priority" was "to help Albania meet its goal of joining NATO in 2008." Albania began accession talks with NATO in April 2008. [5]

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1101 16th Street NW, Suite 308,
Washington DC 20036
Phone: 202.833.2008
Fax: 202.833.2009
Website: http://www.ridgeglobal.com/

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