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Biographical Information

"Robert Currey (b. 24 Sept 1955) is a British astrologer, writer, lecturer, software designer and programmer and retailer.

"In 1981, Currey founded his astrological company, Equinox in November 1981. Initially, he worked as a consultant astrologer, writer and teacher. In the early days of personal computing in the '80s he taught himself to write astronomical and astrological software in order to streamline his written chart interpretations. He has continued to work to create a unique synthesized personal analysis described by a New York reviewer as "one of the world's most impressively detailed electronic astrological service".

"In 1989, widespread demand for these Equinox charts led him to open the Astrology Shop in Covent Garden, Central London. The store was the first shop in a prime location to be dedicated to astrology and run by astrologers. Now in its fourth decade, the Astrology Shop is still flourishing and is universally acknowledged as the leading astrological shop in the world. In the 90s, Equinox extended with licensee shops in Dublin, Paris, Johannesburg and New York and now has offices in Sydney, Australia and Portland, Oregon, USA.

"In 2000, Robert Currey and his wife, astrologer Karen, left London to settle in the Isle of Man to focus on the provision of the Equinox range of charts through the web and by mail. Much of his time is spent in research, writing, consulting, programming and lecturing at exhibitions and conferences in the USA, UK, Australia and Ireland. "[1]

Robert Currey has two children and lives in a 500 year old converted flour Mill in the Fairy Glen in the Isle of Man, bordered by the Fairy Bridge..Currey's father was an officer in the Royal Navy and as a child, he lived in three continents: Cape Town, Singapore, Brussels and the UK. With such an unsettled home base he was sent to boarding school. At Eton College, he was the first athlete to win the Victor Ludorum Cup twice since Ian Fleming.

Before becoming an astrologer, Currey was a commodity broker for C.Czarnikow in London. At 22, he was the youngest trader to be sent to Japan to join negotiations on sugar agreements with their largest customers, Mitsui and Mitsubishi. One journalist later quipped that Currey had always been motivated by futures! Outside of astrology, Currey is a non-executive director of two Isle of Man based businesses including an international Pensions Company. Robert Currey obtained a BSc [Hons] degree in Psychology and Philosophy at South Bank University, London. He holds a Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies and is a Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy® practitioner.

Equinox has a large number of clients world-wide including British and foreign royalty, politicians and many celebrities. However, to preserve client confidentiality, only those who have publicly identified themselves as clients such as Brittany Spears and Robert Downey Junior can be mentioned.

Strictly Supernatural, 1996. Aired on Discovery Channel USA fall 1997 and released in DVD/video. Produced by Cafe Productions/Nonfiction Films. (London) Narrated by Christopher Lee Astrology Part 1 of 3 was filmed largely in the Astrology Shop in London. Robert Currey was the main astrological consultant on the content and artwork and presentation.

Adam Smith (astrology) notes "I was also involved in the setup of Astro*Live*Link, the live telephone astrology service first promoted by Jonathan Cainer and now run by Robert Currey." [1]


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