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Robert D. Bauerlein "is Vice President, International Operations for Washington, D.C. Operations of The Boeing Company. In this role, he leads the development and execution of Washington, D.C. office strategies for Boeing international programs/issues. Mr. Bauerlein coordinates all international sales and marketing programs within the Boeing Washington office, insures that relevant information is disseminated to all levels of the company (in-house and with the business units), and assists with marketing and sales campaigns as needed. In addition, Mr. Bauerlein has oversight of the company's export licensing process for defense articles.

"Prior to joining Boeing, Mr. Bauerlein served as Vice President of International Military Programs and Business Development for Pratt & Whitney, Large Military Engines. He was responsible for implementing current international programs, obtaining new international military sales and developing new business.

"Before joining Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Bauerlein was the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs. During his seven years in that position, he was responsible for the management of the USAF's $105 billion Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. He also was responsible for overseeing Air Force technology transfer and disclosure of classified information programs; international cooperative research and development efforts; management of U.S. Air Force Attaché, Security Assistance Officer, and Officer Exchange programs; development and implementation of Air Force international policy; and direction of Air Force political/military analysis efforts.

"Mr. Bauerlein's long and distinguished career in public service began in local government, first in the City of Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked in the Mayor's office and then in the City of Alexandria, Virginia, where he worked for the City Manager. He entered federal service in 1976 in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a budget analyst. After seven years at OMB, he moved to the State Department. In his nine years with State, Mr. Bauerlein served in a number of capacities, first as a special assistant to the Under Secretary for Security Assistance, Science and Technology, and finishing up as the Director of the Deputy Secretary's Office of Policy and Resources. From State he moved to his position with the Air Force.

"Mr. Bauerlein has received several Federal Service and Senior Executive Service awards and has been recognized for his outstanding support by many of the United States' friends and allies. He holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in political science from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio." [1]

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