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Robert J. Appel has been President of Appel Associates since May 2003. He was a partner for more than five years at Neuberger Berman, "an investment and securities brokerage firm in New York City", subsequently acquired by Lehman Brothers.[1]


In 2002, Appel either donated or pledged $17 million. However, only $5 million were paid. of a $15-million pledge to Cornell University, $3 million was paid in 2002.[2]

The Appel Fellowships for Humanists and Social Scientists in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University were established in 1995 by Helen and Robert Appel to "honor creativity in teaching and research among newer faculty" and to "enable recipients to take a year's sabbatical leave, at full salary, to write, develop new courses, conduct research or otherwise enrich their teaching and scholarship."[3]

Robert J. and Helen H. Appel have also "endowed the Robert J. Appel Professorship in Molecular and Cell Biology and the Robert J. Appel Cornell Tradition Fellowship."[1]


"Prior to his tenure at Neuberger Berman, [Appel] served as a partner at Cohn Delaire & Kaufman and as the director of research at Wortheim & Co." Appel is "a certified public accountant (CPA) and served in this capacity at Arthur Anderson from 1955-1958."[4]

He has served as Director at Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation, an industrial goods and diversified machinery company, since February 2004.[5]

Appel serves as a trustee of Cornell University and as chair of the investment committee;[6] as a member of the board of overseers and development committee chair at the Weill Cornell Medical Center;[7] on the board of overseers of the Weill Cornell Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Studies;[8] a trustee of Beth Israel, St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital's Continuum Health Care, the 92nd Street Y, the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research,[9], and the Levitt Foundation.[10] He has served as a member of the Cancer Institute board of trustees since 2004.[4]

Appel graduated from Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences in 1953 and received his MBA from Wharton School of Business in 1955.[11]

Campaign contributions

On September 6, 2006, Robert Appel of 605 Third Avenue, New York City, NY, donated $5,000.00 to Republican front group Vets for Freedom Action Fund.[12]

Note that the 605 Third Avenue, New York address is that of the Ampco Pittsburgh Corporation.[13]


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