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Rob McKay is a wealthy liberal activist and philanthropist involved with The McKay Foundation, the Democracy Alliance, The Fund for America, the Campaign to Defend America and other initiatives.

In 2002 the San Francisco Chronicle reported, "Rob McKay started giving away the burrito money about the time South Central Los Angeles ignited in the wake of the Rodney King verdict. He was just 27 at the time, and among the wealthy called to open their pockets to help rebuild. That 'slap in the face by some serious reality,' as McKay calls the 1992 riots, was the very beginning of his philanthropic life. A family fortune, amassed from the Taco Bell empire that his father helped build, started flowing that year into charity projects, many of them in the Bay Area. Lots of rich guys give away lots of money in California. But McKay -- who lives in a two-bedroom house on Telegraph Hill -- now is joining a select group of millionaires who have ventured into politics through their checkbooks. [1]

His wife is Anna Hawken McKay.

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