Robert R. Hoopes, Jr.

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Robert Hoopes was "one of the people leading the campaign against Clinton's health plan ... ho started his career working for liberal Democrats (including vice president Joe Biden). To defeat the Clinton health plan, Hoopes acted as "grassroots coordinator/political education specialist" for the Independent Insurance Agents of America. Speaking at a PR conference after the plan had been defeated, he explained how they did it: "Health care was a very slow moving train. We saw it coming in Clinton's State of the Union address. We had time to gin up the grassroots, mail our letters, educate our membership, have town hall meetings; I could travel all over the country and get my members excited about it. When it came time for a vote we were ready." [1] In July, 2009, he was listed as a member of the "senior team" of Vox Global PR.


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