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Robynn Rutledge is the North Carolina Editor for and a contributor to Talon News.

"Robynn Rutledge grew up in the rural tobacco communities of North Carolina where she joined Germanton Baptist Church as a child, becoming a third-generation of member. She graduated from Appalachian State University in 1992 with a BA in Economics, from High Point University in 1995 with a MA in International Business and from The BB&T Banking School at Wake Forest University in 2001 as a 'Distinguished Graduate.' Since receiving her undergraduate degree, Robynn has maintained a career in the banking industry and was an adjunct professor of business at High Point University, where the class she most often taught was Global Political Economy.

"Although always leaning toward conservative policies due to her personal convictions, Robynn became active for the first time in grassroots politics in college when she worked on the legendary Senator Jesse Helm's re-election campaign. After college, Robynn returned to the Winston-Salem community to work, where she quickly became involved in the Forsyth County Republican Women (FCRW). Shortly after joining the FCRW, Robynn was recruited to be the organization's Treasurer. Eventually, Robynn became involved in the Young Republicans, seeking to encourage more people her age to be interested and active in grassroots politics. At her second North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans (NCFYR) convention, she was elected the NCFYR National Committeewoman and the following year was named the 'NCFYR Woman of the Year.'

"Most recently, Robynn has renewed her energies with the FCRW and NC Federation of Republican Women (NCFRW), focusing her efforts on educational issues and concerns. She initiated and organized efforts for a NCFRW statewide Americanism Essay Contest, in which a middle school student is awarded a $1000 U.S. Savings Bond each year. Currently, she serves as the Vice President of Programs for FCRW and Public Relations Chairman for NCFRW." [1]