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Roger Macklin was designated as the Department of Homeland Security's new Counternarcotics Officer/U.S. Interdiction Coordinator by Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy John Walters on March 25, 2003.[1]

Macklin is a "long-time veteran of the United States' international anti-drug efforts" and will be the "first individual to fill this new essential role at the Department of Homeland Security."

Macklin's position combines the duties of the United States Interdiction Coordinator, a current position within the ONDCP, with the new responsibilities defined with the Department of Homeland Security Counternarcotics Officer. The position consolidates several essential functions to fulfill the role of a federal anti-drug effort within the Department of Homeland Security, including coordinating the interdiction of illegal drugs entering the United States and tracking and severing connections between drug trafficking and terrorism.