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"I work with different modalities such as Hoshino Therapy which is a refined form of Shiatsu, Myofascial release work, and Therapeutic Touch, which is working with the craniosacral rhythm of the body. My purpose with all clients is to help restore and promote the Vital Force of the body by removing its resistance to alignment.. This equally helps to release the accompanying resistances of the Mind. Living in a Body/Mind/Spirit continuum I do not see the body as a separate entity. It is constantly changing and evolving....Holistic health has to do with taking the whole person into perspective and providing the necessary education to maintain a level of awareness in Self Care. Self Care is a prerequisite to the strengthening of health and well being. It includes a movement regiment that keeps the body and mind in harmony such as Yoga, Martial Arts, or exercises that are cardiovascular. Walking or jogging in fresh air with deep breathing can do more than most health clubs can offer. Along with movement is a nutritional component to health. This is easier than it sounds when common sense is applied to the “choice of food department”. But then again, yesterday’s common sense has become today’s mysticism, so a little review on the basics wouldn’t hurt."[1] "When I traveled on the road with John Denver, I carried a homeopathic kit containing 100 remedies. It covered a lot of ground and I became very creative in using them. " [1] "In 1985 Michio Kushi wrote a book called, The Macrobiotic Way and asked John if he would write a foreword. With permission from the Kushi Institute I am including the foreword here..." [2]


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