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The Rushford Report was founded and is edited by Greg Rushford.

The eight page newsletter was first published in 1995. On his website Rushford states writes that he saw his mission as being the journalist "whose basic job was to go around turning over protectionist rocks (of which there are many in Washington, D.C.). I also believed that there was a need for journalists who write about international-trade politics to understand and explain the connections between trade, national security, and foreign policy."[1]

Its is published by Rushford Research International, and is pitched to the corporate market charging $750 for a year ($100 for academics). Rushford's newsletter boasts the endorsement of Jagdish Bhagwati.

Contact details

The Rushford Report
261 Commons Drive
Vienna, Virginia 22180
Phone: (703) 938-9420
Fax: (703) 938-5417
Email: Greg.Rushford AT