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SILAKA "is a member organization of Star Kampuchea. SILAKA collaborated with other local organizations to organize events during the year. For 2006, SILAKA actively participate in the advocacy team to develop advocacy agenda and implement monitoring activities with participations from other members.

"SILAKA also is a member of the Coordinating Committee for Cambodia, (CCC) a membership organization in Cambodia. CCC served as information sharing among key NGOs operating in Cambodia and is channel of communication with the Cambodian Government. In 2006, SILAKA, represented by Mrs. Thida Khus, represented CCC in the Country Consultative meeting with country donors and government to discuss joint monitory indicators for 2006...

"Ms. Thida C. Khus, sat on the Executive Committee of the Southeast Asian Committee For Advocacy (SEACA), a regional project, working to build capacity of civil society actors in eight countries: Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and East Timor. The project is supported by DFID, a British government funding agency, through the project holder of the Catholic Institute of International Relations in Great Britain. Through this relationship, SILAKA was able to send two staff to two week workshops on participatory action research. Other NGOs’ staff working in the field of advocacy benefited from the training on advocacy and media work. SEACA has its secretariat in Manila, Philippines." " [1]


6S, Street 21, Tonle Bassac, Chamkamon
P.O. Box 821
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone: (855) 23 217 872
Fax: (855) 23 213 108
Email: silaka AT

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