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The principal activity of the SPX Corporation, according to the USA Today profile, is "to provide technical products, industrial products and services, flow technology and service solutions. The Group's collection of products include networking and switching products, fire detection and building life-safety products, TV and radio broadcast antennas and towers, life science products, transformers, cooling towers and air filtration products and also provides specialty service tools, diagnostic systems, service equipment and technical information services. These products are used in industries including chemical processing, pharmaceutical, infrastructure and power generation. In 2002, it acquired Integrated Security Solutions, Inc. and Vance International, Inc. and in 2003, IDenticard Systems, Inc. & IDenticam Systems Canada Ltd., Brookstone Telecom and GenMech Aerospace. Technical protrudes and Systems acctounted for 32% of 2002 revenues; Flow technology, 27%, Industrial products and services, 27% & Service solutions, 14%." In December 2003, SPX created DS Vance Iraq, a security service company for operations in the war in Iraq

Board of Directors


2300 One Wachovia Center
13515 Ballantyne Corporate Place
Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: +1 704 752-4400
Fax: +1 231 724-5720