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"Sabina DeVita, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., D.N.M., OSJ, IPSP, CBP is the owner/founder of the DeVita Wellness Institute of Living and Learning, as well as, the International Institute of Energy Studies. She has enjoyed being in private practice for over 20 years as an eclectic psychotherapist, registered nutritionist, doctor of natural medicine and specialized kinesiologist. Her doctoral dissertation on “cerebral allergies” – understanding of Body, Mind, and Spirit was pioneer work in the field of psychology at the University of Toronto.

"She believes in working with the ‘whole’ person and at deeper causal issues which has lead her to synthesize many holistic/vibrational modalities into her private practice over the last 22 years. She is certified in “Touch for Health”, Professional Kinesiology Provider, Body Alignment, Educational Kinesiology, Three In One, Thought Energy Synchronization Technique and BodyTalk. She is trained in photocognitive therapy, acupuncture, herbalism, homeopathy, color therapy, reconnection, radionics, and integrated aromatics incorporating Young Living oils into her practice. She is also a certified instructor for “Touch for Health”, One Brain, Edu-K, Transend Vibrational Healing Cards, and Jade Esthetics electrical massotherapy. Her background of 18 years in education includes instructing at York University and the University of Toronto, guidance and counseling, child management, adult counselling, and multicultural teaching. Dr. DeVita is an established author, having published four books entitled “Electromagnetic Pollution”, “Use Common 'Scents' To Care For Your Pets”, “Saving Face - The Scents-Able Way to Wrinkle-Free Skin”, and most recently, “You Were Born To Dance With Ease!”, as well as, many informative booklets and articles.

"Dr. DeVita has been personally trained by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, in Russia, and has also been appointed by Geoff Riley the sole North American representative for granting training privileges and took part as one of the presenters at the International Congress ‘Science, Information, Spirit’ held in St. Petersburg, Russia July 13-18, 2002 and again in July 2004. Since then, she has trained many throughout North and South America (Hawaii, California, Texas, Arizona, Puerto Rico), Japan, Korea, Kuwait, various other states and provinces.

"By utilizing GDV Kirlionics in her practice has allowed Dr. DeVita to visually show her clients their spiritual, psychological and emotional states of health that effect their physical body. It allows her clients to see their own changes after sessions. This has become a powerful ‘awareness’ mirror to seeing one-self, making the GDV a reliable, quick, and accurate tool.

"Hon. Dr. DeVita was knighted in November 2004 as Recipient Dame of the Sovereign Order of Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem. She was also appointed as Deputy Member of the Canadian Delegation for the International Parliament of Safety and Peace."[1]

She notes: "I was interested in utilizing an aura machine to actually see what was happening in the energy system of my clients as a way to empower them in their process. Seeing is believing seemed to fit. Electro photonics was introduced to me by my husband Geoffrey Riley – also a nutritionist, a board member of the International nutritional organization at the time and an electro-dermal screening representative who was searching for a more advanced way of testing via the auric field. His discovery of the GDV- EPC Kirliani n 1999 invented by Dr. Korotkov- led us to delve into further studies and subsequent studies & visits to St. Petersburg Russia, from 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2012- with one visit and seminar conducted by Dr. KK in Toronto Canada in 2001 that was organized by Geoffrey– the Canadian sales representative for GDV and myself as the Can. Educational Representative." [1]

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