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Alexandra "Sandy" Liddy Bourne is the Heartland Institute's vice-president for policy strategy. She is the daughter of former Nixon aide and convicted Watergate criminal G. Gordon Liddy, who spent more than 52 months in prison for his part in the Watergate burglary.[1] She serves as the conservative think tank's Washington, D.C. media spokesperson and liaison to elected officials, donors, and allies. "She authors media statements and commissions and edits original research on the major issues of the day, particularly those concerning energy and environmental regulation," according to Heartland. [2]

Bourne's speech at the Heartland Institute's 2008 International Conference on Climate Change was titled, "The Kyoto Legacy; The Progeny of a Carbon Cartel in the States." [3]

Bourne has been a Visiting Fellow at the anti-feminist Independent Women's Forum (IWF).[4]

Bourne worked for the American Legislative Exchange Council and was credited with increasing enactment of ALEC's model legislation in states throughout the country.[5] She was named chair of ALEC's Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Task Force in October 1999.[6] In 2004, after five years in that role, she became ALEC's Director of Legislation and Policy.[7]

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