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SciMoms are six women who describe themselves as coming 'together to work on science communication.' [1] The group formed out of the documentary Science Moms which had been inspired by the #Moms4GMOs open letter to celebrity mothers campaigning for GMO labeling in 2015.[2]

Corporate Ties

SciMoms founder and filmmaker Natalie Newell gives special thanks to Monsanto's Director of Millennial Engagement, Vance Crowe at the end of the Science Moms documentary. She has publicly stated that they are friends, along with others who work for the company.[3] In 2017 she attended an Independent Women's Forum event, Food and Fear: How to Find Good Information In a Culture of Alarmism presented by Washington University and Monsanto Company. Among the panelists were Julie Gunlock, Joni Kamiya and Steve Savage.[4] Newell was photographed with Monsanto’s online engagement director Janice Person during the event, and shared photographs of the Monsanto Delicious Dinner served to attendees like Julie Kelly and Cami Ryan on Twitter.[5][6]

Kavin Senapathy has provided an interview for Monsanto Europe's website where she said her job is to debunk myths.[7] Following revelations in the New York Times that Monsanto ghostwrote an article for Henry Miller,[8] Forbes removed several articles written by Miller and Senapathy.[9] Articles that Senapathy co-wrote with Miller were aggregated at the Hoover Institution, but the titles now lead to dead links.[10] In the past, Senapathy has been a guest speaker at an Independent Women's Forum event.[11]

Anastasia Bodnar is the Policy Director of Biology Fortified, Inc., a non-profit group that Monsanto has described in internal memos as a ‘partner’ to engage when dealing with the IARC carcinogenicity classification for glyphosate in March 2015. [12]

Layla Katiraee is listed as a contributing expert on the Ketchum PR operated website GMO Answers, paid for by the Council for Biotechnology Information’s member companies. [13] [14]

Jenny Splitter was a featured panelist at the Independent Women’s Forum Reasonable Moms[15] launch event. Attendees included Hank Campbell, President of American Council on Science and Health, and Stephan Neidenbach. [16] Splitter wrote of her experiences that led to her becoming a ‘Reasonable Mom’ on the Grounded Parents website[17] where she cites controversial figure Amy Tuteur who blogs as the Skeptical OB [18] as being influential in her views on parenting, and describes Julie Gunlock of IWF as being one of “some incredible, smart and interesting conservative women who embrace science and reject fear and alarmism ” that she has met. IWF once presented the the Mesa County, Colorado District 51 School Board with a petition containing hundreds signatures of people who wanted global warming instruction stopped as part of their Balanced Education For Everyone campaign.[19] Splitter's article on glyphosate and BPA published at was called "insightful" by Steve Hentges, a member of the American Chemistry Council and Senior Director, Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group. [20]

Allison Bernstein known sometimes as Mommy PhD via her blog by the same name, has also been promoted by the IWF. On their BPA fact sheet, they list her as someone they recommend to find reliable information on the topic despite Bernstein not having any expertise in endocrinology.[21]

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