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Seaflow was a local non-profit ocean conservation organization based in Marin Country, California, that was dedicated to reducing and regulating ocean noise pollution from active Navy sonar and large vessels. The group now appears to be inactive, its websites no longer working. They worked to protect whales, dolphins, and marine life in general from noise pollution "through science, creative action, the arts and community participation."[1][2]

Mission statement

Seaflow described its mission: "There is a crisis today in the world's oceans. Whales, dolphins and other sea life are threatened by an extremely loud sonar system called Low Frequency Active (LFA) Sonar, now in use by the U.S. Navy. LFA Sonar can maim and kill with underwater sound blasts that are millions of times more intense than whales or human divers can withstand. The Navy claims that this dangerous and expensive system is necessary for national defense, despite worldwide protests from many noted scientists and the international environmental community.

"Seaflow is a growing community of concerned citizens who are dedicated to protecting the living oceans of our planet. We work both locally and nationally to raise awareness and promote the public to join us in our mission to stop LFA Sonar and other harmful underwater noise that threatens the undersea web of life."[3]


Former contact

1062 Fort Cronkhite
Sausalito, CA 94965
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