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Sean McCaffrey is a principal in Wilson Research Strategies.

Past Experience

He served as Political Director of the Washington State Republican Party where he worked on grassroots and issue advocacy efforts for the 2002 elections, using voter identification and targeting system later adopted by national and state political parties. Previously, he served as Senior Information Officer in the Washington State House of Representatives. He was also appointed by Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed to the Washington State Elections Administration and Certification Board.

In 1999, he was the Director of Policy and Public Affairs for Freedom Alliance, a Dulles, VA, educational non-profit organization founded by Lt. Col. Oliver North, where he served as an aide to North, ssisting with North's syndicated column, radio show and television show, "Equal Time," on MSNBC.

In the 1998 election cycle, McCaffrey was Deputy Research Director for Legislative Affairs at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in Washington, DC where he supervised campaign issue and message development for candidates for the U.S. House, and provided strategic research, training and consulting services to more than 110 congressional campaigns around the nation.

McCaffrey was Senior Political Analyst and Political Communications Director for the Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) in Washington, DC. He states on his website biography that he "broght in $10.4 million for more than 100 pro-business congressional candidates in the 1996 election cycle."

Sean McCaffrey authored the NRCC's 1998 Issue Book, a issue/message guide for congressional candidates, and co-authored Forward Thinking, a trade book published by BIPAC about involvement in campaigns and elections. He also co-authored Elections-In-Sight, BIPAC's monthly analysis of congressional and state elections for the national business community.

He is a member of the National Association of Republican Campaign Professionals and an instructor at the Republican National Committee Campaign Management School.