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Seane "was first introduced to yoga during the late eighties, when she was a teenager waiting tables in New York. There she met David Life, the owner of a small east village café, and fellow waitress Sharon Gannon, who later opened the Jivamukti Yoga Centers. Eddie Stern, another co-worker from the café, became one of the foremost yoga instructors in the U.S., passing down the traditional Ashtanga method. During this same period, Seane began working with Norman Freeman, a Gestalt therapist and Zen Buddhist. Through him she learned the benefits of healing through self-awareness and acceptance. She believes the asana (postures) practice opened her body, stimulated energy and allowed her to witness herself--mind, body and spirit--as unified. Seane felt transformed and more aware of herself and her path.

"In 1992, Seane moved to Los Angeles and began studying at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, where she learned from some of the most renowned teachers in the country including Richard Freeman, Tim Miller, Eddie Modestini, Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Patricia Walden, Lisa Walford, Erich Schiffman, John Friend, Shandor Remete and Rodney Yee. Seane’s understanding of the physical application deepened, as did her appreciation for the science and intelligence of the body.

"During this period of extensive training Seane traveled through India, studying Ashtanga yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, enjoying the spiritual teaching of Ammachi and spending time at Sri Aurobindo’s ashram. She began working with various healers and spiritual therapists, including Barbara Soloman and Mona Miller, who educated her and deepened her insight and compassion into the complexities of the human experience and psyche. Seane then studied the subtle energy centers (chakras), their psychological components and the various parts of the body that would be affected by blocked or repressed emotion. Exploring the work of Caroline Myss, and Anodea Judith, she was able to apply these deep metaphysical conceptions to the physical asana practice, choreographing routines that could stimulate and open these blocked passages...

"Seane has been motivated by yoga and Spiritual self-reflection since the late eighties. Her style is evident in her unique self-expression, and as an eloquent and inspired communicator, her vinyasa classes are an eclectic fusion of various healing and Spiritual modalities making them challenging, intuitive, insightful and uplifting. Seen on The Today Show and selected by Nike to represent yoga she has been featured in commercials, print and various articles and been seen on the cover of numerous magazines including Yoga Journal, Fit Yoga, YogaLife, Healing Retreats and Inner Vision. Seane has been invited by acclaimed author and Spiritualist Caroline Myss to be on her “Experts Forum” where she answers questions on spirituality and yoga. She also teaches yoga at Caroline's CMED courses on "Mysticism and Intuition." A long time activist for various political, social and health efforts, she continues to use her influence and national platform as a yoga teacher to raise awareness and money. In 2000, she created the yoga program at Children of the Night, a shelter that houses and educates adolescent prostitutes and is the National Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS. She was honored with the 2005 Sacred Sounds of Arts Conscious Humanitarian Award for her Off the Mat, Into the World campaign in benefit to YouthAIDS and is committed to helping globalize the yoga community to raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS. She leads workshops and retreats internationally. Her videos-Vinyasa Flow Yoga-Uniting movement and Breath and The Body and Beyond are distributed by Gaiam International and available now." [1]

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