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For information on a similar group, see Armed Females of America.

According to their website, the Second Amendment Sisters "was founded in 1999 by five women who got together on the internet. Deb Altrath of New Jersey, Juli Bednarzyk of Illinois, Dianne Sawyer of South Carolina, Marinelle Thompson of Texas, and Kim Watson of Florida discovered they had something in common - that they didn't want the anti-rights Million Mom March to speak for them. For five months these women, along with a small but dedicated group of volunteers, planned a rally of their own, using the internet to pull all the pieces together. None of them had ever planned such an event before, but the combination of their personal skills and the 'must-do' attitude of their supporters enabled them to make a powerful statement on May 12, 2000 - that there were women to whom the Second Amendment meant something, and to whom 'gun control' was a false promise."

Their slogan, "Self-Defense is a basic human right," red rose logo and events such as the Mother's Day 2004 SAFER, or Second Amendment Freedoms for Everyone Rally seek to put a female face on gun ownership and strengthen the anti-gun control argument that "weaker members of society," including women, need guns to ensure their safety. This contrasts with the National Rifle Association's and pro-gun hunters'/ fishers'/ outdoors groups' hyper-masculine image.

Their website's affiliate page lists Safety Technology, Hickory Farms, Marathon USA ("whose 'Make A Call For Freedom' program assists in the fight to preserve the Second Amendment by serving as a cash generating resource for organizations on  the front line of battle to preserve our right to keep and bear arms"), Miva e-commerce, and Fain's World of AirSoft Guns. Also, purhcases of the books More Guns Less Crime, Dial 911 and Die, Self Control, Not Gun Control and two others through generates income for the group. Other sources of income include their sponsors, such as Grover Norquist's group Americans for Tax Reform and Guns Save Lives, individual sponsors and dues-paying members.

Contact information

Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.
900 R.R. 620 South
Ste C101 PMB 228
Lakeway TX 78734

Toll-free Phone/Fax: (877) 271-6216