September 24 National Coalition

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The formation of the September 24 National Coalition was announced June 15, 2005, calling for "All Out to Stop the War in Iraq - Bring the Troops Home Now! End Colonial Occupation from Iraq to Haiti to Palestine and Everywhere!" [1]


"The September 24 National Coalition for the March on Washington, therefore, represents a coming together of national organizations and communities who are committed to building opposition to the Bush Administration's war and occupation of Iraq. These organizations oppose war and colonial-style occupation, not only as it pertains to Iraq, but in Palestine, Haiti and everywhere." [2]

September 24, 2005, Mass March in Washington, DC

"Thousands will march on Saturday, September 24 in Washington DC. The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition urges the antiwar movement to come together for a united demonstration to say": [3] (List copied from web page.)

  • Stop the War in Iraq
  • End Colonial Occupation from Iraq to Palestine to Haiti
  • Support the Palestinian People’s Right of Return
  • Stop the Threats Against Venezuela, Cuba, Iran & North Korea
  • U.S. Out of the Philippines
  • U.S. Out of Puerto Rico
  • Bring all the troops home now
  • Stop the Racist, anti-Immigrant and anti-Labor Offensive at Home, Defend Civil Rights
  • Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools and Communities


"The leadership of the September 24 National Coalition includes the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, National Council of Arab-Americans (NCA), Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom Foundation, Haiti Support Network, Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, National Lawyers Guild, Al Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Mexicanos Sin Fronteras / Mexicans Without Borders, Women's Anti-Imperialist League (WAIL), and A.N.S.W.E.R. Youth and Student National Coalition. (Other antiwar organizations may be joining the September 24 National Coalition.)" [4]

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