Shahram Hashemi

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Shahram Hashemi

"Originally from Tehran, Iran, Shahram Hashemi came to the United States to further his education. In 2002, Shahram received the F.H. LaGuardia Association Memorial Award for his exemplary academic record and his volunteer rescue effort at Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath of the attacks of September 11th in New York, an event which served as the catalyst for his commitment to human rights.

"In the same year, he co-founded and served as Chief Financial Officer for the Islamic Institute for Human Rights as a response to increasing negative and inaccurate views of Islam resulting from the 9-11 attacks and to encourage cross-cultural human rights dialogue on Islam. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Student World Assembly, a unique, member-based worldwide organization dedicated to global democracy, human rights, and preparing students to be the leaders of the next generation.

"Past work with AIUSA includes serving as a Student Area Coordinator and Regional Planning Group in the Northeast Region of the United States. He was elected to AIUSA's Board of Directors in May 2007, and currently serves on its Finance Committee." [1]

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