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Hello SiberioS. Can you source your ArmorGroup entry and the implications of this action? I can not find anything on it or what it would mean. Thank you. -Spacegrit

I added a link to the official press release. As for the implications of this action, there are none, per se, outside of the fact that the company is now, once again, a publicly traded company ( a fact that may be useful as to who will purchase or become stockholders down the line, as well as what institutional investors may purchase their stock). -SiberioS

Gracias. -Spacegrit

Hell I just realized all the comments I've added I wikied "SiberioS" as opposed to "User:SiberioS". I'll go through all those convos sometime tommorrow and re-edit them and then delete the SiberioS page.

Sources of Funding and the Nature of Funders

You said

Well, I have my own beefs with various corporate sponsored gay groups, as well as the dubious nature of centrist or DLC type liberals. But for the most part I would say that Left wing groups aren't funded by corporations or large, anonymous donors (and when I say left wing I don't mean mainstream political groups..planned parenthood is not "left wing"). Most crackpot Trot groups are funded by newspaper sales, and most anarchist collectives are funded by a combination of personal investment by members, thievery, or mutual aid from abroad.
  • When you say abroad, where are you thinking of, out of the 300 or so other coutries?
  • Do you think all groups funded by large privately-run organisations with shareholders are "mainstream"?
  • Are all non-mainstream groups weird? (e.g. crackpots, Trots, anarchists or perhaps all three?)
  • Do you think the corporations that influence the present American government are American?