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"In May 2004, after 17 years in Victoria Police, Simon brought about culture change in Victoria Police after appearing on ABC TV's Australian Story. He spoke honestly about Melbourne's gangland killings and the corrupt police brotherhood that assisted and harboured them. In 2005, his autobiography, 'filthy rat' became a best seller and is still selling. Simon left the police as one of the most highly experienced anti-corruption investigators in Australia and set up Ethical Strength.

"Amongst Simon's diverse qualifications is his selection for the Sir Vincent Fairfax ethics and leadership fellowship (1 of 14 Australians chosen in 2002). Simon has investigated and debated some of the world's hardest ethical dilemmas, ethics theory and ancient philosophy. He was also awarded the prestigious AusDavos Future Summit Award which brings leaders together annually to map out Australia's future.

"Simon is presently one of the most sought after corporate speakers and trainers in Australia, he uses his experiences and expertise to motivate, challenge and build organisational culture." [1] TV Show

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