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Sindicatum Carbon Capital

Sindicatum Carbon Capital is a climate change and sustainable resources company headquartered in Singapore.

Sindicatum Carbon Capital (or SCC) uses its own expertise and capital to develop climate change mitigation projects from conception through to implementation and long-term operation, working in partnership with companies and governments to deliver cost effective means by which to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Areas of specialization include abating GHG emissions from the waste management and natural resource sectors, as well as biomass and energy efficiency applications.

SCC finances, executes and applies technologies to its projects and its team of engineers, technicians and climate change specialists working in four business units (US, India, South East Asia and China) to identify opportunities, develop solutions, implement projects and oversee their operation. SCC has raised US$ 330 million to date, of which US$ is 200 million is invested in Asia and the United States. To date, SCC has 28 projects in China, India, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Sindicatum Carbon Capital was founded in 2005 and its key strategic shareholders include Citigroup Venture Capital International, American International Group (through its member company AIG Global Investment Group) Black River Asset Management, an independently managed subsidiary of Cargill and Gulf One Bank BSC. Other shareholders include Foresight Venture Partners, a leading U.K. venture capital firm and CapitalE Group.

Sindicatum Carbon Capital is headquartered in Singapore and has business units and offices in Houston, New Delhi, Bangkok, Jakarta, London and Beijing.

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