Skull and Bones' Class of 1966

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Yale University's Skull and Bones' Class of 1966 includes 2004 Presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry.

"Bonesman Democratic Presidential Hopeful Kerry is at the Head of His Class Now".

John Forbes Kerry (S&B 1966), while in the U.S. Senate. "has consistently gone to bat for the NEA," according to Dana Milbank (The New Republic Dec. 14). He earned a 100% tally in NEA's most recent rating as well as in the American Federation of Teacher's voting analysis. On schools he recently stated: "I'm for tough love here folks. It's time to come in and kick some butts. Democrats can't be viewed as somehow protecting these practices. You can't do this in some loosey-goosey, half-assed way."

Kerry's Yale Bones Class of 1966 was:

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