Skull and Bones' Class of 1968

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Yale University's Skull and Bones' Class of 1968 includes President of the United States George Walker Bush.

Other members of Bush's S&K group includes:

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  • Yale Class of '68 Alumni Pages.
  • Eric Samuelson, J.D., Yale's Skull & Bones' Society Roster.
  • Ed Vulliamy, The President rides out, Guardian/UK, January 25, 2003: "George Bush's foes see him as an inarticulate bully. Friends say that evangelical faith underpins his every action. Ed Vulliamy goes back to Bush's dusty Texan roots to find out what really drives the man who now stands on the brink of war."
  • Skull and Bones: "Bush-appointed Assistant Attorney General Robert McCallum, a member of Bush's 1968 Skull and Bones class, filed pleadings in U.S. District Court seeking to extend executive privilege to any government official in pardon cases; the move makes information on presidential pardons more secret than it has ever been."