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Soso Whaley became an adjunct fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in 2004 when she commenced working on a film to counter Morgan Spurlock's film Super Size Me.

Her biographical note on the CEI website states that she is the owner of Literary Llama Productions and Zoomobile. "Ms. Whaley has devoted her life to teaching people of all ages about the necessity of developing a more educated and symbiotic relationship with animals. Her work frequently brings her into conflict with animal rights groups such as PETA, as she frequently voices her opposition to their policies in such periodicals as the Times-Herald Record (N.Y.) and Las Vegas Weekly," her biographical note states. [1]

"In addition to her past work on a radio talk show, Ms. Whaley currently produces and hosts two cable TV programs, "Creating a Healthy Environment" and "Camo Country Outdoors Show," it states.

In response to Morgan Spurlock's film Super Size Me, Whaley decided to conduct her own 30-day McDonald's diet. While she claimed "My real purpose is not to prove something," the Competitive Enterprise Institute issued a press release claiming she "Will Eat at McDonald's for 30 Days and Lose Weight", before she even started the diet.

When asked if CEI is an ideologically-driven front for corporations, she replied: "Well, everyone has to have someone to speak out for them. And, you know, I don't know why we want to demonize corporations so much. I mean, let's face it, we hear about the bad ones - and it's really bad when you get an Enron or a Worldcom or whatever - but most of the corporations out there are just trying to provide people with what they want." [2] "I've had it with all the doom and gloom, alarmist, anti-everything attitude of certain individuals" [3]

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